Our intention was to deliberately depart from a lean shape in order to suggest, at first glance, an embracing sensation of wellbeing.

The chair is characterized by its comfortable curves and well-defined camber. The seams assembling the different parts of the back give the silhouette a cinched waist that is both eye-catchingly graphic and snugly appealing.

The particularly meticulous upholstery work is done by hand.
While the solid oak structure combined with upholstered
features showcase the Alki Cooperative’s two foremost skills.

The Pottolo Collection is also at home in a work environment with its rotating version. This model, with its slightly tilting back, brings its elegant softness and snug comfort to the office setting.

Exhibited for the first time in Paris during the Maison&Object trade fair, the Pottolo Collection will soon include a lounge chair and stool.