This is the story of a small enterprise located in Uzos, in the Pyrenees. After going bust, MOLUDO was taken over in 2010 by a dynamic team. In 2011 the new owners commissioned me to redefine the product brand. We took into consideration the rules established by «Aquitaine développement innovation». We set up a multidisciplinary team to work on different areas. In product cooperation with the IRATZOKI/ABAD designers. The work of the MITO agency to develop the brand and communications strategy. This is no more than the first step in the transformation of the enterprise. In this phase in which the collection is being revamped, steps have been taken to create complementary production and to research the colours and the applying of them. In addition, the logo and universe of the brand have been created and so have the communication mediums. The second phase is planned for 2013 to create new product ranges with the help of therapists and specialists in small children. It is true team work, work that guarantees the coherence and continuity in time of the project by making use of the complementary competences which I supervise as the artistic director.