Apal – Azcue

We have collaborated a lot with the Basque company NUEVA LINEA located in Azpeitia, Gipuzkoa, and market leader in contemporary furniture in Spain with various brand and distribution channels. With APAL the challenge was to create a furniture construction system that allows different compositions. The KENDU, ARIN and MANKA units are furniture with great character, presented alongside the productions of the designers Pensi, Abad and Llusca. APAL in Basque means not only a shelf, but also the quality of being low and modest. A comprehensive programme! APAL is a system that can be made up according to the userĀ“s needs. From a small piece of furniture to a large wall composition. The user can build his or her own furniture using small boxes, linings, doors and cushions. Different elements can be moved from one module to another.